What Is Enough?

Education to Help You Master the Fulfillment Game:

6 SHORT VIDEOS (about 20 minutes each) – A look into the heart of how we create rules and then play the game of money, time, and life energy.

​You’ll learn about:

  • Your financial goals
  • Your life
  • Consumerism versus citizenship
  • Financial integrity and independence
  • Income and cash flow…
  • Quality of Life
  • Your Money or Your Life
  • What is Enough?
  • Your Stuff
  • Your Life Energy
  • 3 Questions to change your life
  • Progress versus perfection
  • Enoughing!
  • FINite Goals for Saving

The classes can be completed quickly but will take you about 30 – 90 days to do all the money awareness exercises.

Contact Dan (daniel@sandiegolending.us) to get started on your path towards financial
freedom. You can then stop worrying about current debt, the inability to fund major life events, and instead begin saving to take care of your family, gain financial literacy, and take control of your life.

Please remember our mission for you: MORE MONEY, LESS WORRY, AND GREATER JOY