What Clients Say

Check out what some of Dan’s past clients have to say about their experience.

I wanted to share with you the experience I have had working with Dan Williams at San Diego Lending Solutions. Dan and I have known each other for some time and we have been discussing business opportunities in general and ways to increase wealth specifically.

Dan is a proponent of managing the equity in your house and using your mortgage as a tool to increase wealth. He has shared his philosophy on this subject with me and showed me how to use it to increase my net worth. Once we started running the numbers it became evident that his advice would lead to me having a new nest egg of over $1 million by the time I retire. It is easy to understand, easy to implement and the way to get there is very conservative. No risky investments ever are involved.

I would highly recommend that you take a few minutes and contact Dan about this subject. The rewards are incredible and the way to get there is very straight forward. If you would like to contact me, just ask Dan for my number. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

San Diego, CA

Thank you for helping me purchase my first home here in the United States. I know that this is a challenging time in the real estate industry but you and Ryan were able to help me meet my financial goals and acquire an excellent mortgage. I appreciate your attention to detail and taking the time to explain the process so I could make a good home buying decision.

Even though I am in Florida, the distance between us did not affect the process at all. As a first home purchaser I was a little hesitant through this whole process, but you guys guided me through it very smoothly. I look forward to extending this relationship for continued advice about the housing/mortgage market. Thank you again and I will be happy to refer my friends and fellow PGA members to you for their home financing needs.

Aron Price, PGA Tour Player

Being a first time home-buyer is an intimidating experience regardless of price point, timeframe, or down-payment. Before finding San Diego Lending Solutions we had sought pre-qualification through our bank. In one hour we decided that we would not be buying a home any time soon, it left us literally shaking with intimidation.

Dan Williams was referred by a friend, and within one phone call we had the ball rolling. Dan came to our home and clearly let us know what we could expect, and promised to meet our needs. At no point were we overwhelmed, or felt as though we were treated second class because of our price range. Nina was impeccable, if I asked a question I could consider it answered immediately. Dan was an advocate, and he truly taught us every step of the way about the home buying process. The term “above and beyond” does not do the team justice.

I can say that in the home stretch, we got our house and are absolutely satisfied. We made the biggest purchase of our lives; and upon reflection, I am certain that we could not have been in better hands. I would only hope that other first-time and seasoned buyers seek the opportunity to work with Dan Williams and Nina at San Diego Lending Solutions.

Shannon and Michael G.
San Diego, CA

Daniel Williams is a person who will treat you very well no matter how big or small of an account you are. He is fair and know his business well. Dan will get you where you want to be without comprimising your situation or putting you in a bad one. You will find he is more than help he is also a friend. I have a knew life because of Dan. Thanks!!

James & Dawn R.
Santee, CA

Dan was recommended to me by a colleague at work. From start to finish Dan was ahead of the game. My real estate agent said certain deadlines couldn’t be met. Dan not only met them but exceeded them. Now another colleague is using him and is also happy. So, when you hear Dan’s message that his business is mostly by referral you can bet on it. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else.

Max W.
Corona, CA

I have worked with Dan and his team on numerous occasions and found them to be efficient and timely in their communications. Dan is truly a great resource for options on financing and helping individuals consider all their options in the lending process. I appreciate his timely and regular real estate third party articles and economic insights. For all of the above I can highly recommend Dan and his resource team for real estate lending.

William G.
Chula Vista, CA

Dan Williams is my personal mortgage professional and I have the utmost confidence in his ability and integrity. So much so that I referred him to my own father!

Brian C.
San Diego, CA

I have done four refinances with Dan and each time have been thoroughly impressed with his competence, integrity and work ethic. He found the best mortgage rates for each of my properties and worked tirelessly to get the loans approved in the shortest time possible. If you need a mortgage you can’t do better than working with Dan Williams.

Pete T.
Coronado, CA

It was a pleasure to have Dan help us with our VA refinance. He is very knowledgeable about the process, and he was able to secure us a better interest rate than we expected! Even though the VA refinances can be difficult, Dan was able to navigate through the process easily, and we were kept apprised of the situation every step of the way. The entire refinancing process was very positive, and I would happily work with Dan Williams again.

Jeff and Tammie
San Marcos, CA

My experience with Dan at San Diego Lending Solutions was enjoyable and eye opening. As a first time buyer, I was confused, overwhelmed and anxious most of the time. But Dan was able to walk me through the entire process while educating me thoroughly and presenting the options in a clear and understanding way. I appreciated his sincerity and hard work and I really felt he wanted the best for my personal situation. Thanks!

Serena B.
Spring Valley, CA

Working with San Diego lending has been a real pleasure, especial with all the changes in lending we are experiencing today. You group has been on top of the process every step of the way and made the transaction of buying a home very simple. If I were to rate you company’s service , it would be an A . Thank you for make my home purchase so easy and carefree.

John K.
Escondido, CA

Thank-you so much for all you have done for our family. We really appreciate how well you take care of us. We don’t ever have to worry about a thing because we have such trust in you and your business. Helping us lower our monthly payments is really a big deal for us. It could not have come at a better time. We so appreciate your commitment to our family and your wonderful work ethic. Thank-you again.

The Greenwells
San Diego, CA

Liz and I want to thank you for keeping an eye out for us and our mortgage needs. Your honesty is what makes it a comfort to do business with you. We have two properties and you where up front stating one property would not benefit from the lower rates but the other would. Many mortgage lenders would only keep their best interest in mind and not the clients. You and Nina kept us informed of the process and worked as our partners to re-fi our home. With your guidance we now have a home loan at 4.25%!

The Clauses
San Diego, CA

During a brief exchange via social media, I casually asked Dan if he thought the time was right for me to look at refinancing my mortgage. Without hesitation, he told me to give him a call. He asked a few simple questions, did some quick calculations and spit out some numbers that even I could understand. After a ten minute phone conversation, it was clear that the time was right for me to refinance. Even though Dan would not benefit financially because I live in Ohio, he didn’t hesitate to help me. He even made some recommendations of regional resources that I might consider for the refi. This speaks volumes about Dan’s integrity as a person and business professional.

Columbus, OH

Director Master of Science in Global Leadership program, University of San Diego: “Dan Williams did a great job getting us an outstanding deal refinancing our home mortgage. Not only did he find us a great loan, he and his assistant Nina patiently worked us through the often challenging process of meeting the new regulatory requirements that lenders have for new loans. And then, when our life schedule got in the way of getting some of the required paper work in on time, he went above and beyond to find a way to help us get it done. We now have a loan that will make a HUGE positive difference in our financial portfolio, and will give us the flexibility we were looking for as our family moves into the future. I was very pleased with the service Dan provided us, and I trust him completely. I would and have recommended him without reservation.

Bob Schoultz, Capt. USN
San Diego, CA

Dan was incredibly helpful throughout our home buying process. He initially gave us a personalized consultation that informed us how our current debt, credit score, and other details would impact a potential purchase, and how to put ourselves in the best financial position. He walked us through everything, including all the paperwork, and educated us every step of the way. Dan is detail oriented and very quick with responses and answers, but he also took the time to really hear our goals and fears. He genuinely wants the best for his clients, and it shows in his patience and persistence. We’re so grateful to Dan for helping us buy our first home!

Jennifer T.
San Diego, CA

As I have now started settling into my new home, I cannot stress enough how important it was during our lengthy home buying process we had someone like Dan on our team. My wife and I were comforted knowing that Dan had the knowledge and determination to make sure that the buying process went smoothly for us and whenever we had questions he was there to answer them. It made things easier for us knowing we had someone to trust when we made the biggest purchase of our lives.

Kevin T.
San Diego, CA

Thanks to Dan Williams and his team at San Diego Lending, my wife and I secured an FHA 30 year fixed rate loan with a 3.75% interest rate and over $6,000 in lender contributions towards our closing costs. Dan and his team were incredibly responsive and really took the time to ensure me and my family understood each step of the process. Dan’s enthusiasm and desire to make a positive difference was apparent throughout our interactions with him. When it was time for us to sign our loan docs my wife and I had many questions, and due to the late time in the evening our agent was not available, escrow was not available, but Dan was. Dan gladly answered our calls and thoroughly answered each question we had from 7-8 p.m. Thank you Dan!

Brad D.
San Diego, CA

My wife and I first met Dan Williams through a referral from our realtor. Our particular story spans two years as it took that long to find a home that we felt would be right for our family. Throughout that period Dan was a class act. He stuck by our side while explaining things that we didn’t understand, getting back to us in a timely manner and genuinely wanting the best for us. While we felt God had a plan for our long and arduous home search, we are thankful that Dan was a part of it to the very end. Appreciate everything.

Adam K.
San Diego, CA

I was put into contact with Dan Williams through my realtor. Due to the heated state of the real estate market in Imperial Beach, CA during the summer of 2012, I had been involved in more than 10 offers with more than 5 realtors and lenders. It was becoming a frustrating experience. Dan, along with my realtor Eugene, helped to smooth the process, and put me in the position where I had all the information I needed and wanted. This would have ended the official responsibilities of a lender, but that is by no means where Dan ceased his work. Despite the hectic schedule of a Navy Special Operations Officer (EOD), Dan made sure that my schedule was the one that we worked around. When things came up, Dan obliterated obstacles rather than be bested by them. He provided financial advice that far exceeded what others might have shared, and I never had any doubt that he was preaching what he practiced.

I was demanding, and Dan Williams did more than live up to the challenge my mortgage and me provided. The next time I purchase a home, I would be lucky to have a lender like Dan. Thank you, Dan!

D.S Glenn, US Navy
Imperial Beach, CA

I am Grateful to have had the chance to work with Dan Williams and San Diego Lending Solutions: This was my first home purchase; I was using a V.A. loan and this combined with the current economic climate added a lot of tight regulations and restrictions. Dan was extremely helpful in guiding me through these unknowns, letting me know what kind of documentation was needed and why. Dan spent a lot of time patiently answering all of my questions through the entire process. He was available to address my concerns (some of which I am sure were becoming tiresome and maybe a bit silly in retrospect). He was a great communication link between me and the lending bank and whether he realizes it or not, a noteworthy teacher for the house buying process as well. Thank you Dan for all of your help

Todd P.
San Diego, CA

As first-time home buyers, my wife and I didn’t know anything about the home loan process. Dan Williams met with us and walked us through the entire process making us feel very comfortable before we handed over any documents or personal information. After our initial meeting, he continued to check in regularly while we were searching for our home to see if we had any new questions.

Once we found a house and began moving forward with the loan, Dan was very good about answering all of our questions quickly, even taking time with us on the weekends when things came up that needed immediate attention. It was great having someone so patient and knowledgeable working with us. Dan and his team got our loan completed quickly and we’re very happy with all of the terms of the loan. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family in the future.

Josh Y.
San Diego, CA

The process of getting my first loan through my personal bank was a nightmare. I got multiple rates and estimates from banks and made my decision. After I entered escrow underwriters wouldn’t review the loan. I almost fell out of escrow twice and I had to request an extension. It was my first home purchase and it was extremely stressful. My loan officer continually made promises she didn’t keep, and she had no advice for me. I promised myself I would always use a broker to have more flexibility and added professional advice. Dan was highly recommended by two friends and choosing him for my refinance was a great decision. The first bank we choose backed out and Dan quickly found another. The whole process was done in a month. Dan is very responsive and very good at breaking the numbers down. Overall, I had a great experience with Dan. He believes in what he does and has a lot to offer. I will recommend him to others and hope to use him again in the future.

Sean M.
San Diego, CA

Dan, Thank you for guiding me through this loan process. I am getting a great loan rate which will allow me me stay in my home for the rest of my days! I thank you and your staff for making the procedure painless.

Dan H.
San Diego, CA

Dan and Andi did a great job with ALL facets of our refinance. Dan came to our house, sat down with us for over an hour and went through different options for us and completely walked us through this entire project. The personalized email videos throughout the process completely explained in layperson terms where our loan was in the process. Now that we’ve refinanced our first house, I can’t wait to use Dan again when we start looking for our next house!

Aaron D.
San Diego, CA

My husband and I were very pleased with Dan’s [San Diego Lending Solution’s] expertise and customer service. He really made it a point to understand our personal situation, home-buying goals and longer-term financial planning objectives. We had a unique scenario where Dan needed to go the “extra mile” in identifying a loan option that made sense, and we appreciated the ongoing effort he took with the overall process. The members of Dan’s team are respectful, professional and made sure we kept up with the time-sensitive details. It was a real pleasure working with them…We are delighted with our new home, and we are very grateful to Dan and his team.

Ryan & Keely B.
San Diego, CA

Buying or selling a house right now is a pretty daunting task that includes a ton of paperwork and many complicated processes. Not to mention trying to do both at the same time, which is the situation I found myself in. Trying to keep everything in order and understand all that had to happen in order to make both deals go through on time was stressful to say the least. For me, the most complicated aspect of the process is figuring out your purchasing power (how much you can feasibly pay for a house) and securing a loan. With low rates and all of the banking restrictions in place lenders aren’t getting in line to hand out money, no matter how qualified you are.

Luckily, my Agent put me in contact with Dan and the team at C2. Dan personally guided me through the process and made both my selling and buying experiences much smoother. He calculated my purchase ceiling, navigated me through the loan process and helped me secure both deals on time. Dan was always available when I had questions – no matter the time or day he would be there to ease my concerns and provide guidance. Most importantly, he took the time to explain things to me in detail and provided helpful videos which helped make me a more informed client and ease my concerns. I spoke to Dan so much during during the past 45-days that I now consider him a friend. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking to buy or refinance a home!

Jeff R.
San Diego, CA

I was referred to Dan Williams by my real estate attorney. I worried that because I had lost of so much of the equity in my house (because of this economic down turn) I would not be able to secure refinancing at the current very attractive rates. Dan was able to get me a loan at a great rate and a contract that required PMI for a short period of time until my house value increases. Dan helped me save hundreds of extra dollars every month. Dan and his affiliated companies worked quickly and seamlessly so the whole process was fast and uncomplicated for me. After experiencing this great service, I have referred two close friends to Dan for the same efficient service.

Jeffrey H.
San Diego, CA

I would like to thank the Team at Daniel Williams, San Diego Lending Solutions/C2 Financial Corporation for their outstanding work. I recently completed a very complex refinance for my home with a cash-out. Even though there were a few bumps in the process, Daniel and his team kept me updated and informed for the entire process with numerous phone calls and emails, day and night and on weekends. I highly recommend this Team for any financial services that you may need. He will find a solution to your problems and will work tirelessly to get the job done. Thanks again for your support.

Daniel R.
San Diego, CA

First and foremost, I was very appreciative that Dan was honest about the loan rates, my house’s possible value and the closing fees. He even told me to wait for few months, so I could be in a better situation. He wasn’t just interested in getting a loan done. He wanted to make sure I got a good loan, and it was ok if I didn’t end up going through the process with him, even though he did some initial analysis for me. Dan was really helpful throughout the loan process. He was very responsive to my emails and phone calls and took the time to answer any questions I had on the loan. There were a couple of issues that came up relating to my HOA and getting their documentation filled out. Dan went above and beyond to get the job done without complaining. There most likely was a lot of work and issues that arose throughout the process that I was not aware of, so he made it very seamless for me. Thank you Dan.

Jessica W.
San Diego, CA

This refinance was the best decision we made an thank you and your team for making it possible.

Alex C.
Lemon Grove, CA

Since day one Dan Williams and his staff have showed nothing but determination and confidence in providing exactly what my wife and I where looking for. He not only got our house refinanced with a lower interest rate in a market quickly shifting and money back, but he taught us something new every step of the way. Our knowledge on the market and outlook in real-estate has changed significantly, and we both have a better grasp on what’s going on compared to our first home purchase. Daniel’s devotion to come to my house on a Saturday morning after his kids soccer game and not advertise his business says it all in his work ethic and commitment to his customers satisfaction. We will be keeping his contact information forever and recommend him to anyone in the market.

Neil D, U.S. Navy