Unlock the Power of Financial Literacy in your Workplace

Employees with a good understanding of personal finance are more likely to make thoughtful decisions about their financial well-being. Our program helps employers improve financial literacy and increase employee satisfaction. It’s proven, it’s easy to use, and it is FREE to your employees.

How Does Savology Financial Education Support Your Employees?


Reduce Employee Financial Stress

Financial stress impacts productivity and is a growing concern for many workers. Financial education can reduce this stress and help employees feel more financially secure.


Increase Job Satisfaction

Employees who receive financial education and support are less worried about their finances, are more likely to feel satisfied with their jobs and their employers, and are shown to be more productive at work.


Improve Financial Decision-Making

Workers with better financial literacy are more likely to make informed decisions about their finances, including retirement planning, saving, and debt management.

Support Your Employees with On Demand Financial Education

  • Personal Financial Coaching

    We can provide one-on-one access to qualified coaches to improve financial management skills, borrowing, and debt repayment if needed.

  • Customized Financial Software and Tools

    We offer customized workshops and tools that address financial topics tailored to fit the specific needs of your workforce.

  • Online Self-Paced Planning Technology

    Our self-paced online financial engagement program covers topics like budgeting, debt reduction, and retirement planning and is always available 24/7.

How Does Savology Financial Education Support Your Employees?

Savology Employer Brochure

A sample brochure you can share with other stakeholders at your company.

Sample Employee Brochure

We can provide marketing resources to help you promote the program to employees, including a live (or Zoom) kickoff at your place of work.

Savology Employer Brochure

Employees can work within the software or output their work into a written plan.

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