Throughout my life, education has been very important to me. My parents encouraged as well as pushed me to achieve in my academic career and ensured I had a way to get through college. The one topic that was never discussed or analyzed at home or school was personal finance. As I grew older and my family grew with our two wonderful children I realized that I had not been taught some very basic things about money and how to protect myself and my family.

As I began to seek out teachers and knowledge I ran across many impressive people and began to implement the acquired knowledge into my personal life. In 2006 I met Todd Ballenger and realized that he had a simple way of teaching complex concepts – something that I was trying to do with my mortgage clients.

At the time Todd was finishing up his first book. Through various discussions we came up with a way to create a co-author version of that book so that I could add my thoughts, impressions and lessons into a format that I thought was fantastic. The result of that work is my version of Borrow Smart Retire Rich. The ideas in the book changed my life and have changed the lives of many of my clients and friends – I hope it will add value to your life as well.

~ Daniel Williams


“I enjoyed reading Borrow Smart Retire Rich and it gave me a new perspective on how to approach my mortgage. One key aspect was looking at the amount I used for a down payment. Thanks Dan!”

– Susan R.

“Reading Dan’s book was really important to me in helping me understand managing my mortgage.  I was able to eliminate credit card debt and manage my debts in a more efficient way.”

-Jeff C.